Friday, November 27, 2009

129. Room With a View (V): Bella Vista

(f. S/t, s/f. Néstor Pereira. Tomado del grupo de Facebook "Vista Alegre y Colinas").

Room With A View (V): Bella Vista.

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Sunday, November 22, 2009

128. Arquitectura inédita: Edificio Mendi Eder

(F. 2007 - Archivo Fundación de la Memoria Urbana. Tomado del blog "CARACAS MODERNA")

Arquitectura inédita (XXI): edificio Mendi Eder B (1940s), urbanización Las Mercedes. De la serie "Las ciudades invisibles de Caracas (I): Las Mercedes, la ciudad cantábrico-mexicana"

Mendi Eder (vasco) = Monte Bello.

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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

127. Centro Simón Bolívar

(f. S/f. Manuel E. Ravelo Mola. Tomado del grupo de Facebook "Fotógrafos de Venezuela").

"Torres del silencio".

Publicado en: facebook Group CARACAS.

-Chick Corea. Crystal Silence.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

126. Jardines secretos: Cementerio General del Sur

(f. "La joven del candil". Pietro Ceccarelli (Florencia, c. 1938). Panteón de la familia Fonseca, Sección sur, Ensanche del Cementerio General del Sur. S/f. Tomado de Caracas virtual).

La joven del candil.

Publicado en: facebook Group CARACAS.

Estinguere vorrei
la fiamma ond´io sospiro
ma se quell´occhio miro
ritorno a sospirar.

Quisiera extinguir
la llama de mi suspiro
mas si esos ojos miro
retorno a suspirar.

-Antonio Vivaldi. Estinguere vorrei la fiamma (Griselda. Opera, escena octava. Phillippe Jaroussky)

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

125. Flora de CARACAS: Cacao

(f. "Flor del cacao", s/f. Tomás Fernández. Tomada del grupo de Facebook "Fotógrafos de Venezuela").

Publicado en: facebook Group CARACAS.

When your feet feel like they're made of stone and your bones are full of lead
Muscles feel like they're galvanized and there's concrete in your head
When your blood flows like molasses, you can't add two and two
The top looks like the bottom and orange looks like blue.

When you feel like you're hung over but you didn't drink last night
Your eyes look like a road map and your underwear feels tight
Gravity seems multiplied and your organs are on strike
You're in sudden death overtime and the wheels are off your bike

You need some chocolate, soft creamy chocolate
Some chocolate ice cream, and chocolate mousse
Some chocolate cheesecake, Bavarian chocolate
Bring on the chocolate, you need a boost!

They say it gives us pimples, it's addictive and it stains
It makes us fat and hyper, and clogs up all our veins
It puts migraines in our noggins and it's worse than cigarettes
But all those things are easier than having a chocolate fit.

Now there's lots of medical evidence to support our point of view
It's not all psychological, good news for me and you
It affects our seritonin, which reduces aches and pains
And does all kinds of cool things to the chemistry of our brains.

Good old chocolate, dark chewy chocolate
Nanaimo snack bars, chocolate eclairs
Hot chocolate sundae, sweet chocolate milkshake
Bring on the chocolate, we need a boost!

Now they say we're chocoholics and we have a legitimate beef
That we should lobby government to get funding for relief
Now if you can keep a secret, just leave it up to me.
I'll take the funds and build us a chocolate factory.

And if life should get too heavy and we decide to end it all
We won't do it with a pistol, drugs or alcohol
We'll just take a thousand dollars to a nice dessert café
Eat a dump truck load of chocolate and do ourselves away.

Cause we love chocolate, mouth watering chocolate
Black forest cheesecake, and chocolate torte
Some chocolate rum balls, sweet chocolate windfalls,
Bring on the chocolate, we need a boost!
Bring on the chocolate, chocolate, chocolate, yeah.....we need a boost!

-Buddy Wasisname. The Chocolate Song (English)

Sunday, November 1, 2009

124. Flora de CARACAS: Chaguaramo (3)

(f. 2009, Alex Marcano. Facebook group "Fotógrafos de Venezuela ")

Publicado en: facebook Group CARACAS.

-Isaac Albéniz. Sous le palmier (Raluca Chifane-Wagenhaeuser)

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